vista rsh problem

Corinna Vinschen
Mon Jul 9 20:05:00 GMT 2007

On Jul  9 19:39, goetz fischer wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >You're telling that you tested this on XP for the first time now.
> well i used the rsh server with about 8 different platforms and it 
> worked with all but vista/cygwin.

You're actually telling this for the first time.

> >  You
> >didn't mentioned the server OS anywhere in this thread.
> i did. look again.

I did.  I examined every mail in this thread and you don't mention the
server OS beside of "and that box was a 'real' unix box?" in and "i'm neither using
pam nor linux" in
If you really mentioned the server OS, please point me to your mail.

> >  We only know
> >it's not Cygwin and it's not Linux but some sort of "real" unix(*) which
> >apparently doesn't use PAM.  You didn't tell if you tried anything to
> >diagnose the problem further.
> i did. i've send the cygcheck output with my first mail.

Sending the cygcheck output is not exactly what I understand as
diagnosing the problem.

> >  You did not mention if you ever tested it
> >in other scenarios, like a Cygwin -> Linux or a Cygwin -> Cygwin
> >connection or between XP->Vista and Vista->XP, etc.
> well as i wrote the server is always the same and it worked with 
> whatever i tried except vista/cygwin

In your original mail
you write "this is about using rsh with cygwin on vista".  You don't
mention any other combination.

> >  You didn't reply to
> >Dave's question about any specific software on the Vista machine.
> >  
> yes, i did.

Where?  I don't see a reply from you to Dave's mail in

> >There's just the bare fact "it hangs in this one instance".  Do you
> >really think a bug report is useful with all that guesswork left?
> >  
> see above.
> not my fault if you missed so much.
> >Apart from that, I have only Cygwin and Linux ready for testing and
> >debugging.  If you use any other OS, you will have to debug this problem
> >by yourself.
> okay, how?
> i don't get any kind of output at all

Examining logfiles?  strace?  gdb?  

Anyway, you have the problem, so it should be in your interest to
provide all information you can lay your hands on.  I will probably look
into this issue again if the details are provided.  Otherwise this is
EOD for me.


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