Setup offers bad directory for Local Package Directory

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Sat Jul 7 16:15:00 GMT 2007

David Balazic wrote:
> Quoting Brian Dessent <>:
>> David Balazic wrote:
>>> I downloaded
>>> version 2.573.2.2 (as displayed in the first page of the wizard).
>>> I entered "C:\Program Files\cygwin" ad the root directory.
>>> Then on the next page "Select Local Package Directory" the offered
>>> directory was "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox", which is clearly wrong.
>> It's not clearly wrong at all, in fact setup.exe had no involvement
>> whatsoever with choosing this value -- it is simply whatever the current
>> working directory was when you ran it.  The fact that it's Mozilla's
>> directory implies that you ran setup.exe from within the browser.  If
>> you had saved it to a folder and then clicked on it in Explorer, then
>> that folder would have been the CWD and that is what setup would have
>> offered.  The first time you run it setup has no idea where you want to
>> store downloaded files, so it uses the CWD for lack of a better guess.
>> Thereafter the choice is stored in /etc/setup/last-cache and so after
>> the first time the choice will persist.
>> Brian
> Wouldn't $TEMP/cygwinfiles be a better default than "random" ?

Who said it was random?  CWD is certainly easier to work with in the
code than some arbitrary directory chosen by 'setup.exe', though either
is possible.  And like Brian said, CWD is only used the first time
'setup.exe' is run, before the user has selected a more preferable
directory (assuming CWD isn't).  But I suspect that this is a
<> situation.  If you'd like to suggest
an alternative to the current default, send along a patch and I'm sure
Brian will consider it.

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