Setup offers bad directory for Local Package Directory

David Balazic
Sat Jul 7 15:59:00 GMT 2007

Quoting Brian Dessent <>:

> David Balazic wrote:
> > I downloaded
> > version 2.573.2.2 (as displayed in the first page of the wizard).
> >
> > I entered "C:\Program Files\cygwin" ad the root directory.
> > Then on the next page "Select Local Package Directory" the offered
> > directory was "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox", which is clearly wrong.
> It's not clearly wrong at all, in fact setup.exe had no involvement
> whatsoever with choosing this value -- it is simply whatever the current
> working directory was when you ran it.  The fact that it's Mozilla's
> directory implies that you ran setup.exe from within the browser.  If
> you had saved it to a folder and then clicked on it in Explorer, then
> that folder would have been the CWD and that is what setup would have
> offered.  The first time you run it setup has no idea where you want to
> store downloaded files, so it uses the CWD for lack of a better guess.
> Thereafter the choice is stored in /etc/setup/last-cache and so after
> the first time the choice will persist.
> Brian

Wouldn't $TEMP/cygwinfiles be a better default than "random" ?


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