command line gmailer

René Berber
Sat Jul 7 03:57:00 GMT 2007

René Berber wrote:

> patrickinminneapolis wrote:
>> I need it to work with Cygwin and I couldn't get it to compile, I guess I
>> will keep trying blat & stunnel. Thanks. Patrick
> To compile you need to change the name of the file aux.c (anything named aux
> makes Windows choke) and adapt Makefile and main.c; nothing hard really.
> Now, I don't use it under Cygwin I use it mostly under Solaris, and the problems
> with mailx are mostly trying to send mail... so it may not work even if it
> builds, that's what I meant by "it doesn't always work".

Just tried a simple test and it doesn't work sending mail, core dumped.

Too bad, the code is full of bad practices (hard coded paths, non portable
stuff) so it's probably not easy to fix.
René Berber

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