command line gmailer

René Berber
Fri Jul 6 23:53:00 GMT 2007

patrickinminneapolis wrote:

> I did look in the archive and the suggestion to use exim, a smtp server,
> seems like overkill.

But it works.

> Does anyone have any advice for way to send emails to
> gmail from the command line? I tried
> , but my Authen-SASL failed since the perl install was looking for binary
> krb5-config. Then I tried MME::Lite but that failed because of an SSL issue.
> Since then I've ventured into Blat.exe land, but its really beating me down
> and I'm hoping that there must be a simpler way. Does anyone have any
> suggestions?

It doesn't compile out-of-the-box, but it's not to difficult to build; it
doesn't always work (and Cygwin is expressly not supported) but it does have TLS
support so it should work with gmail... I don't have a gmail account to test but
I could test it later with other servers (exim and sendmail) using STARTTLS
and/or SMTPS.
René Berber

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