cygwin changes default directory of (fortran) code
Fri Jul 6 17:42:00 GMT 2007


I am compiling a fortran program using intel's compiler, and use cygwin
for the command-line interface (I will be switching to a linux machine
soon, so I am staying away from MS's visual studio).

When I invoke the executable from cygwin, it tries to find the input
files in C:\windows\system32.  If I invoke it from the windows command
prompt, it finds the files ok.  If I specify the full file path, than I
don't have a problem in cygwin.

I am a bit puzzled by this behavior because last time I did some fortran
coding under the same environment (about a year ago), I do not remember
having that issue.

I could not find info on such behavior on the prior mailings.

Any ideas/suggestions as to what may be going on?



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