Perl documentation inaccessible via 'perldoc'.

Thomas Berger
Thu Jul 5 20:09:00 GMT 2007

Andrew Schulman wrote:

>> >> Rob@desktop2 /cygdrive/c/_32/working/math-gmpz/Math-GMPz-0.22
>> >> $ perldoc ExtUtils::MakeMaker
>> >> Error in tempfile() using ./XXXXXXXXXX: Parent directory (./) is not
>> >> writable
>> >>  at /usr/lib/perl5/5.8/Pod/ line 1483
> >
> > tempfile() is trying to create the tempfile in the current directory,
> > rather than a standard temporary directory such as /tmp.  'perldoc
> > File::Temp' says that if you don't specify a tempfile directory,
> > puts it in the location returned by File::Spec::tempdir().  Normally
> > should be /tmp.  I wonder, do you have TMPDIR set?  Try setting it, e.g.

File::Spec identifies the OS as "cygwin" and accordingly
File::Spec->tempdir() is File::Spec::Cygwin->tempdir() and tests
$ENV{'TMPDIR'}, /tmp, and C:/temp in that order.

Each of these will be tested for definedness, existence and writablity,
so usually this yields an U**Xish "/tmp" under Cygwin. Only when neither
of these three satisfies the restrictions, "." is returned (unchecked).

It might be argued that $ENV{'TMPDIR'}, /tmp, $ENV{'TMP'}, $ENV{'TEMP'},
C:/temp might be a more appropriate list (since c:/temp usually is
not world-writable on WinNT ff), but the difference would be only in the
situation where Cygwin's /tmp is not writable, which IMO is undesirable

Thomas Berger

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