Decimal float and the Cygwin build of GFortran.

Brian Dessent
Wed Jul 4 19:22:00 GMT 2007

Brian Salter-Duke wrote:

> Just asking in general, but are you related to the people doing the
> cygwin release on the gfortran web page? I downloased the exe about 2
> weeks ago and it did nothing. Yes, NOTHING! gfortan --version gave the
> version but a gfortran complile gave no errors and no executable. I went
> back to a version I had a year ago on another laptop and it worked fine.
> Did I just have a bad snapshot?

You should ask this on the gfortran mailing list, not here.  The wiki
pages state this.

And your problem is exactly what you'd expect to happen if you don't
have the correct mpfr and gmp libs installed.  They are used by the
sub-processes (cc1, cc1plus, f951) but not the front-end drivers (gcc,
g++, gfortran), which means --version or --help would work but no actual
compiling.  The wiki also says this.  Install the required packages
(libgmp3 and libmpfr1).


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