Running dovecot under Cygwin

René Berber
Tue Dec 18 02:13:00 GMT 2007

Ronny wrote:

> i am trying to get imap server "dovecot" running under cygwin.
> Compiling the server finished without any errors.
> But running the server does not work.
> As far as i can see, dovecot runs a master process, that uses execv to
> launch a child (auth) process. The child process is killed immedeatly.
> This causes the whole server to shutdown.
> Does anybody have experience with running dovecot under cygwin?

Why not go to the Dovecot site:

It clearly states that "Cygwin works after a few code changes, but
doesn't support SCM_RIGHTS" so you have to use inetd to start the imap

> uw-imap, that is distributed with cygwin does not match with my needs. I
>  am looking for an imap server taht supports virtual user using a user
> database.

Untested: there are uw-imap options to use PAM (not supported in Cygwin)
and LDAP, this might work.

Probably making Dovecot work is easier.
René Berber

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