sshd problem on Windows 2003

David Christensen
Mon Dec 17 02:30:00 GMT 2007

Len Jacobs wrote:
> ... sshd ...
> The services have been working, but now they are not ...
> /var/empty directory ...

I moved my C:\cygwin directory aside today and did a fresh install of
Cygwin on Windows XP Professional SP2.  I also found that sshd would not
start.  There was a clue regarding ownership of the above directory in
/var/log/sshd.log.  After RTFM, STFW, and beating my head against the
monitor to no avail, my work-around was to go back to a working Cygwin
image from November 2006.  As an aside, it seems that Cygwin has become
less stable since support for Vista was attempted.

Once again, I can only conclude that the underlying problem is
insufficient testing of Cygwin and its components.  I understand that
this is a monumental, tedious, and largely thankless task.  I
volunteered to help with such a few years ago, and the silence was
deafening.  When I spoke up about that, I was flamed by key Cygwin
maintainers.  We'll see what kind of responses this paragraph generates.

I've searched around and tried various Unix/GNU on Windows alternatives
over the years, but no free (as in freedom nor as in beer) product
seemed better.  I used MKS Toolkit at one employer for a while; it was a
fairly nice Unix tool chain, but I prefer GNU.

Given the lack of a significant revenue stream for Cygwin and for
GNU/OSS tools, I don't see the stability situation improving.  My
strategy remains to take a copy of the C:\cygwin\setup tree every now
and then, and keep the images for a long time.

Given the GPL and the fact that I rarely download source code for Cygwin
and/or its packages, I cannot share my Cygwin images.

Isn't OSS fun?  }:->


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