Need help with Perl/Tk

Jason Pearce
Mon Dec 17 00:48:00 GMT 2007

This is rather late because I only follow the digest, but I've looked 
into Perl/TK a bit with Cygwin.
Initially I found it all to be fairly disappointing, not least because 
when I finally got things "working" Perk/TK gave limited widgets and was 
prone to crashes.

My current solution is to use Perl Tcl::Tk. The subtle difference is 
that Perl controls the interface though TCL. I've found it much more 
satisfying and much more stable. One of the biggest advantages is access 
to a lot more widgets because you can get at any widget you can get 
under TCL/TK. I am using VTCL to graphically build my GUI forms, the the 
Perl script "executes the TCL interface" with TCL::TK.

Getting it all going is prety straight forward, install Cygwin's TCL TK 
(which uses the x-server) then then the perl packages off CPAN compile 
out of the box (see my earlier cygwin post about the snit gotcha).


Michael Kairys wrote:
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> "Michael Kairys" <> wrote in message 
> news:fjsor5$p2j$
>> It's all pretty disappointing, compared to ActiveState's 
>> implementation, which looks much better and requires no setup, no 
>> extraneous directories on my path, and no otherwise uneeded daemons.
> A little research reveals this issue has been around for a while and 
> is apparently well-known by everyone but me :)
> From: "Yaakov S (Cygwin Ports)" <yselkowitz at users dot sourceforge 
> dot net>
> To: cygwin at cygwin dot com
> Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 17:54:19 -0600
> Subject: Re: PerlTK under Windows
> References: <dnq98d$411$>
> Andrew DeFaria wrote:
>> However I'd like PerlTk to fall back to using Windows widgets much like
>> rxvt will do a Windows window if there is no X server to connect to.
> Just how rxvt manages to use both X11 and Win32GUI is unique, as has
> been discussed before at length.  Don't expect anything else X11 based
> to do that on Cygwin.
> perl-Tk is X11-based because it *does not compile* on Cygwin for Win32.
> PTC.
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