sshd problem on Windows 2003

Len Jacobs
Sun Dec 16 19:35:00 GMT 2007

I know there have been postings regarding the issues with sshd on 
Windows 2003 64-bit servers, but I cannot locate a definitive 
explanation about this issue.

I have been running cygwin & sshd on the server, using the default 
sshd_config scripts and running the service as the sshd_server user with 
the appropriate permissions. The services have been working, but now 
they are not. Perhaps a Win2K3 update changed some permissions on the 
OS, but nothing else obvious was changed on this server.

Now the remote ssh connections work fine if the /var/empty directory is 
owned by administrator & the service is started from the command line as 
"/usr/sbin/sshd -D". But when /var/empty is owned by sshd_server and the 
service is started via the admin/service console, no remote logins are 
possible. The application event  log displays (among other things) 
"Fatal: seteuid: 500 Permission denied."

What is recommended to correct this problem?


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