cygwin/regtool on 64bit windows (vista)

Brian Mathis
Thu Dec 6 20:12:00 GMT 2007

I'm curious what the plans or status is of compatibility efforts
between cygwin (32bit) and 64bit Windows (Vista).  In particular, I'm
interested in getting 'chere' working on 64bit Vista.  I notice chere
uses 'regtool', which in turn is a 32bit application.  Because it's
32bit, when it tries to access the registry is is getting virtualized
into the 32bit space, and as such does not allow chere to interact
with the 64bit explorer.

I see in the regtool source that there are some options for this (-w
and -W), but I don't see those options available in the regtool
release on my system (version 1.8), which, afaik, is the latest
release.  Are there plans to release this version of regtool?  The
last update to it in CVS was 13 months ago.  -w and -W are not
documented, and regtool does not seem to recognize the options.

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