setting cygwin PATH

Mon Apr 30 19:16:00 GMT 2007

--- John Morrison <> wrote:

> Hi Fungazid,
> (Just a netiquette point, bottom posting is expected
> on the cygwin lists
> and responses are best kept there :) )
> .bashrc is run because, for a login shell,
> .bash_profile tells it to be.
> How are you starting cygwin?  It should be enough
> for it to happen
> everytime...
> J.

Hi everybody,

Thank u John, Thorsten, Igor.
I will try to explain what I did:

I am starting cygwin by clicking on its icon.
senenv HOME is "/home/xxxx" (xxxxx is my name account
in windows xp).
I copied the file "/etc/skel.bashrc" into my HOME, and
added the line: 
export PATH=/home/T-COFFEE/bin:`printenv PATH`
This didn't change nothing. I had to add this command
from the command line to get a the new path

I guess I missed something ...


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