CygWin and email clients

Jeremy T. Harrison
Mon Apr 30 00:07:00 GMT 2007

I have tried with varied success to use "ssmtp" and "email" as my email
send applications under CygWin.  For what ssmtp was designed to do, it
works fine, but, doesn't meet my requirements; "email" seems to be a
stepchild of sorts, and does not meet my needs (it doesn't support TLS),
though I do very much like its flexibility otherwise.

Are any CygWin users out there using a command line e-mail application?
My requirements are basically, that I can send e-mail from the command
line (i.e. from within scripts and from crontab); include attachments;
and, use different ports as well as TLS.

I have read variously of scripts to run ssmtp with attachments; but I
have not come across any of those scripts.  If anyone might be able to
direct me to such a script I would be grateful!  Notwithstanding, if
anyone has a different email solution - that meets requirements
comparable to mine - I would appreciate learning how you meet your

Thank you!

Jeremy Harrison;

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