Puzzling local share permissions problem with ssh sessions on Win2K3

Shankar Unni shankarunni@netscape.net
Fri Apr 27 21:48:00 GMT 2007

I have a Win2K3 SP1 system, freshly installed with the latest bits, and 
sshd installed with privilege separation (using ssh_host_config).  The 
/etc/passwd has both local and domain users (in that order), as does 

I have a local shared directory c:\Views (shared as \\myhostname\Views). 
The problem is that when I log in as a domain user, and try to write 
something into \\myhostname\Views\, I get a permission denied error, 
even though I can do this successfully if I come in as that same user 
via Terminal Services.

Here's a matrix of various file creation attempts I tried, logging in to 
the server (I'm calling it "A" in the chart below) via TS or sshd, with 
or without a password.   For good measure, I logged in as the same 
domain user, via sshd, to a different machine, and accessed the same 
share successfully from there!

                               C:\Views       \\A\Views  \\Common\share

logged in to A via              OK              OK           OK
Terminal Services

logged in to A via              OK             Fails         OK
sshd, with password

passwordless pubkey             OK             Fails         OK
ssh login to A

logged in to B (other           --              OK           OK
machine) via sshd,
as the same user
(with or without password)

What is special about accessing your own host's shares, when logged in 
via sshd? sshd-logged-in users seem to be able to access shares on other 
systems using normal rules; just not shares on their own system.

I've attached a cygcheck.out (from the passwordless pubkey login).  Any 
ideas on what I can try to make the two "Fails" cases above work?

(This is needed for Clearcase to be able to create views in that 
directory. The stupid thing insists on using a share path for creating 
views, even private ones).
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