Setup.exe Problems on Vista

Brian Dessent
Sun Apr 22 06:27:00 GMT 2007

"Michael D. Adams" wrote:

> The workaround for this problem that I have found is to set the
> *Windows* path to include C:\cygwin\bin before running setup.exe.  So
> for example this sequence works:
> set PATH=C:\cygwin\bin;%PATH%
> setup.exe
> Then /bin/sh is actually created, the prompt is the usual Cygwin settings, etc.
> Of course the proper solution would be to find and fix the root cause.
>  Is this a known bug?  Is there any other info I can provide to help
> find the root cause? (I'm suspicious that Vista might not allow the
> program to set PATH.)

That would be pretty brain dead if Vista did not allow programs to
modify the PATH.  That would cause about a million failures in Cygwin
and various programs.

> OS: Vista Home Premium
> Setup.exe Version: 2.510.2.2 (run without administraitor permission)

Please try the latest setup.exe snapshot, if you can.  And even better
would be to debug the problem.  I don't have access to a Vista system
but if I did I think I would start by running it under gdb/insight and
putting a breakpoint at right before CreateProcess and
check the environment.  Or create a test package with a postinstall that
just runs "env > /tmp/foo" or "sleep 1h" or something so that you can
inspect the environment.


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