How to run rxvt

Harig, Mark
Thu Sep 21 15:51:00 GMT 2006

> Panos Katergiathis wrote:
> > I have rxvt installed but there is no shortcut in order to run it,
> I wrote a batch file and made a shortcut to run it:
>     C:\Documents and Settings\dpchrist\My Documents\home>type rxvt.bat
>     @echo off
>     rem $Id: rxvt.bat,v 1.1 2005/10/18 04:17:23 dpchrist Exp $
>     C:
>     chdir C:\cygwin\bin
>     rxvt -fn "Lucida Console-11" -e /bin/bash --login -i

It is not necessary to create a batch file.  Simply right-click on
the 'rxvt' binary in Windows Explorer, and then select 'Create
Once you have created a shortcut to 'rxvt', you can then right-click
on it, select 'Properties' from the menu, and enter the above
from the batch file into the 'Target' field.  Note that you can only do
this for the shortcut -- you cannot modify the 'Target' field of the
binary.  The shortcut may then be dragged and dropped to your Quick
toolbar, your desktop, etc.

Also, you may create a '.Xdefaults' text file in your home directory.
Cygwin 'rxvt' will read this initialization file, just as it would in
It can be used to set long font names, geometry, colors, etc.  See the
manual page for details.  See also
or whatever the appropriate README number is reported by 'cycheck -l

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