Mount does not show Samba files

Arun Biyani
Thu Sep 14 18:52:00 GMT 2006

Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
> Arun Biyani wrote:
>> Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
>>> See your cygcheck output:
>> I have a crontab task which generates a cygcheck.log file every 
>> night. I've just realized that
>> the cygcheck output of the cron task is quite different from when I 
>> run cygcheck as a user.
>> I apologize for this. I've attached a cygcheck.log that I just 
>> generated.
> It would seem that your cron job is not actually generating this file
> regularly.  The one you sent previously clearly said that you had 
> 1.5.19-4
> of the cygwin package installed.  You cannot have two versions installed.
> So I presume that the cron entry to automatically generate this file 
> hasn't
> run since before you upgraded.  Since you would have had to stop the cron
> (and any other service) to upgrade (without reboot at least), I can see
> the possibility of you doing this and not restarting it again.  But 
> that's
> just speculation.
>>> CYGWIN = 'nontsec'
>> I only see this for the cron task. I start cron by typing "cygrunsrv 
>> --start cron". Perhaps its
>> generated by cygrunsrv.
> No.  You apparently ran '/bin/cron-config' and answered "no" to the 
> question:
>   Do you want the daemon to run with ntsec? (yes/no)
>>> This must be set in your environment somewhere.  Possibly this is 
>>> introduced
>>> by Altera tools Dave mentioned (thanks Dave).  If you don't know why 
>>> it's set,
>>> find it and remove it.  Alternatively, if you cannot find it for some
>>> reason, at least unset it in your cygwin.bat file (assuming you 
>>> start Cygwin
>>> that way).  This is a cheap hack though.  You're better off removing 
>>> the
>>> setting for real.
>> [tmp$:554] echo $CYGWIN       bash: CYGWIN: unbound variable
>> [tmp$:555] set | grep CYGWIN
>> [tmp$:556] cygcheck -srv | grep CYGWIN
>> Environment         : CYGWIN="nontsec"                     ---- cron 
>> settings
>> Environment         : CYGWIN="ntsec notraverse"        ---- exim 
>> settings
>> Display name        : CYGWIN syslogd
>> [tmp$:557]
>>> Your cygcheck says you have cygwin package version 1.5.19-4.  The 
>>> current
>>> version is 1.5.21-2.
>> 1831k 2006/07/30 C:\win\cygwin\bin\cygwin1.dll - os=4.0 img=1.0 sys=4.0
>>                  "cygwin1.dll" v0.0 ts=2006/7/30 10:21
>>    Cygwin DLL version info:
>>        DLL version: 1.5.21
>>        DLL epoch: 19
>> The dll seems to be correct version.
> Yes, I'd agree.
>>> I think you're getting a conflicts between Altera and Cygwin.  
>>> Removing Altera
>>> is likely not the solution to the problem you see but it will avoid 
>>> other/
>>> future problems.  The solution to your current problem is to 
>>> regenerate your
>>> passwd/group files, as Dave mentioned.  At least this should work if 
>>> your
>>> user and the resource available are in the same domain.
>> I will remove Altera from the path and report back if it helps.
> Great!
Hi Larry,

Thx for your help. I opened a dos command window. Typed "dir Y:" and saw 
files and directories
that I expected to see from my home directory on Linux. Then (transcript 
below) I tried Cygwin.
Still does not seem to work. This is after creating a new passwd & group 
file and ensuring that
the user name is correct. I've split $PATH for readability.


[tmp$:509] whoami
[tmp$:510] mount Y: /mnt/y
mount: defaulting to '--no-executable' flag for speed since native path
       references a remote share.  Use '-f' option to override.
[tmp$:511] df
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
C:\win\cygwin\bin      75G   44G   31G  59% /usr/bin
C:\win\cygwin\lib      75G   44G   31G  59% /usr/lib
C:\win\cygwin          75G   44G   31G  59% /
Y:                     31G   26G  5.3G  83% /mnt/y
c:                     75G   44G   31G  59% /c
i:                    592G  574G   18G  98% /i
s:                     38G  7.1G   31G  19% /s
[tmp$:512] ls /mnt/y
ls: /mnt/y: No such file or directory
[tmp$:513] echo $PATH

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