Access to Network Drive under ssh

Richard Foulk
Fri Jun 30 08:47:00 GMT 2006

> David Greene wrote:
> > mwoehlke wrote:
> >> You need to first do:
> >> net use /delete h:
> >>
> >> that you don't get prompted
> > 
> > Now I get this, which is what happened before I started
> > sshd as dag.  Except I can still cd to //samba-drive/dag:
> > 
> > $ net use H: \\samba-drive\dag
> > System error 67 has occurred.
> > 
> > The network name cannot be found.
> Are you on a 64-bit Windows by any chance?
> If not, I won't be able to tell you why 'net' is being brain-dead, other 
> than "hmm, it does that sometimes; good luck!".

I've written my own mount command for Cygwin in Perl.  One thing to
be aware of is that drive letters aren't necessary with Cygwin.

You can't say: `cd \\xyz\c$' with Windows cmd.exe.

You *can* say things like: `cd //xyz/c\$' in Cygwin.  This cleans up
many things.  If you have the right permissions `net use' isn't necessary!

A wrapper for `net use' in Perl is pretty easy to do, including all
the password stuff.

Those drive letters just get in the way.  Don't use them.


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