rsync over ssh hang issue understood

Lev Bishop
Fri Jun 30 04:04:00 GMT 2006

On 6/29/06, Christopher Faylor wrote:

> For the record, I'm not wild about scrapping the existing (but currently
> turned off) code in cygwin that is supposed to fix this.  Using the NT
> api was supposed to allow us to do what we wanted with no half-measures.
> I'd rather see someone finish that, or at least prove that it doesn't
> work, before scrapping it and move on to something else.

I have a cunning idea (probably too cunning) to make the current code
work and I will hopefully be able to submit a short patch in a day or

> The idea of using threads for pipe writing has been bounced around for a
> long time.  It doesn't solve the select problem if there are multiple
> processes writing to one pipe.  That is not a completely unusual event,
> unfortunately.

Could you be more specific on how it doesn't solve the select problem
in when there are multiple processes writing on the pipe? As far as I
can tell, if (and its a big if) we can build something with threads
that works for a single process, it should work just as well for
multiple processes. Can you give an example sequence of writes and
selects that illustrates the problem? (Not that I think the thread
approach is without problems, I just can't see this one).


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