Problem with ssh and public key authentication

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Thu Jun 29 16:49:00 GMT 2006

Robert Lurin wrote:
> While doing a proof of concept with our product (LSF, a batch management system), we found the following problem, on a system with Openssh installed:
> - we open an ssh session with public key authentication (no password entry)
> - we try to submit a job and the submission fails because the submission command is unable to determine the submission account (actually it thinks the submission account is NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM, the local system account)
> I found the following mail which exactly matches our problem (after changing the user, the Win32 API still returns the original user) 
> , but it's quite old..
> I would like to know if this problem is still present in the current version of Cygwin, running on a Windows 2000 system, and if there is any work-around.

This is still an open issue as you found and have surmised.

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