Problems compiling ImageMagick

René Berber
Wed Jun 28 01:53:00 GMT 2006

Daniela wrote:
> Dani@primavera ~
> $ ls -al /usr/bin/cygbz2-1.dll
> -rwxr-x---+ 1 Dani Users 56832 Jul  9  2005 /usr/bin/cygbz2-1.dll

So, the library is there.

The error message points to a problem with the PATH, perhaps you have some
strange characters that cause trouble (German umlauts... I'm not really sure but
it is one possibility).

In your build environment try to see if PATH looks fine syntactically, a simple
"echo $PATH" works.

The Windows PATH is [a/pre]-pended to the Cygwin PATH in the shell startup so
the Cygwin bin directory should be there and I still think that the linker is
not seeing it (that't the reason it doesn't find the dynamic library).
René Berber

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