Fortran Compiler Error CMBFAST

Williams, Gerald S (Jerry)
Mon Jun 26 14:34:00 GMT 2006

Brad Krane wrote:
> I'm trying to compile the scientific package CMBFAST-4.5.1 in the
> cygwin environment using g77. I get the following error...
> f77 -O2   -c -o jlgen.o jlgen.F
> jlgen.F: In program `jlgen':
> jlgen.F:14:
>         include ''
>         ^
> Unable to open INCLUDE file `' at (^)

Tim Prince wrote:
> Normally, you would specify the path to search for include files with
> -I, if it is not in the current working directory.

I looked at the library, and the referenced include file
*is* in the same directory. The library even includes a
configure script, so this isn't simple pilot error--it
looks like there is a bug in the compiler.

For now, you can work around the problem by adding -I. to
the command lines, or more likely to the end of FFLAGS in
the Makefile (after running ./configure).

I don't use FORTRAN enough to say whether the behavior we
are seeing is correct, though from the evidence I've seen
I'd say it isn't.


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