problem running a UDP client and server

Varun Sharma
Mon Jun 26 13:17:00 GMT 2006

 I would write some points here for that long code which make sense to me
and may be the problem.

1. I tried both MSG_PEEK and MSG_OOB and still I am getting an EINVAL.

2. The process does a fork and the child does the connect to the
destination, sendto and the parent does the recvfrom.

3. The 4th element of the struct sockaddr_in is not very clear in cygwin
and it is the case with all instances of sockaddr_in, but they do not seem
to create a problem as they are running fine in other programs using
datagram UDP sockets.

Also the uninitialized values of the elements of src sockaddr_in is
different in linux.

I think these might be the one that are creating problems.

Any advice would be helpful.

Thanks a lot,
Varun Sharma

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