g++ 3.4.4, mingw32, exceptions and threads

kenelson8@comcast.net kenelson8@comcast.net
Thu Jun 22 21:15:00 GMT 2006

The mingw32 was distributed with cygwin (al la gcc-mingw-g++).   g++
obviously has an option for threadsafe exceptions, as I have used them
in the past.  So if this isn't the place to inquire about the build options 
used to make the gcc-mingw-* packages distributed with cygwin
then where is?

And the reason for using windows-isms is obvious in that it wouldn't
work with -mno-cygwin if it wasn't using windows-ism.   THe libraries 
I am linking to are filled with them and thus rather than try to mix
and match, it is best to disable the link to the cygwin library.


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