Latest Cygwin Release 5 month old...

Charli Li
Wed Jun 21 20:18:00 GMT 2006

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>> Not everyone has a spare test machine.
> I can never remember if we are supposed to top-quote or not. But
> here goes:
> If you need a spare test machine you should look into the VMWare
> Player.  It is free and allows you to run a Virtual Machine on your
> desktop. Saying: "I don't have a spare machine", these days is red
> herring.  Maybe you can't or won't make the time.  That is something
> else entirely.
> Please remember that Cygwin and other projects are largely
> volunteer efforts.

VMWare player is only for *PLAYING* VMWare files.  In order to set a VM up
you gotta get VMWare Desktop or VMWare Server, like I have here on my box.
Plus, VMs are much, much slower than normal boxes so it's not really a red
herring if you can't even install the OS on the VM!  For example, I couldn't
even get Windows 2000 Server on the VM to even initilize the text-mode setup
program (WINNT.EXE)!


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