Thread-related segfault with cygwin 1.5.19-4

Brian Dessent
Tue Jun 20 13:47:00 GMT 2006

"Jon S. Berndt" wrote:

> via various google searches, and asking other developers for help. I
> searched the cygwin mailing list archives, and checked the cygwin FAQ
> ("Known problems ..."). Even though this is not a real cygwin problem, if
> this question gets asked so often, it might be worth adding a response in
> the FAQ.

This particular issue certainly qualifies for the 'F' in FAQ.  It's a
case of SHTDIANH (somebody has to do it and nobody has) though.  The FAQ
tends to not be the greatest place to look for breaking news, and this
one is still relatively recent.

Furthermore, the solution at the moment is rather awkward (build gdb and
Cygwin from CVS), and I'm not sure we'll make any friends by officially
suggesting that procedure right now.  I think to most people that would
read as "just wait until the next release of gdb and Cygwin."


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