setup - duplicating cygwin

Jim Easton
Tue Jun 20 10:14:00 GMT 2006

Hi Igor,

> > Tell me; In case things go wrong, to recover my present configuration
> > is it sufficient to simply restore /cygdrive/c/cygwin and
> > /cygdrive/c/cygwin.disk or is there something more subtle going on.
> If you didn't change the mounts, it should be sufficient to restore
> c:\cygwin.  I don't know what c:\cygwin.disk is -- probably something

c:\cygwin.disk is where setup seems to want to put the downloaded files.

> specific to your system that you've created.  If you did change the
> mounts, the FAQ mentions a way of saving/restoring them by writing the
> output of the "mount -m" command to a batch file and then running it.

No such problem here.


> > cygdrive and proc are missing.  I take it there is no proc or
> > cygdrive directories.
> They are virtual directories, as is /dev (but /dev doesn't show up in the
> root directory listing yet).

Right, I realize that.  When I was still working (now retired) I found 
/proc was a right useful directory.  In fact there was a program called
lsof which was supposed to tell you which processes had open files or
were cd'ed into a given file system.  This was to enable one to kill
the process so you could unmount the file system.  It didn't always
work so I wrote a script using /proc that fullfilled the purpose.

Question: is /proc implemented and I just haven't figured out how to
install it?

> You can also simply rename the directory (which will effectively hide it
> from Cygwin), and then rename it back.

I thought of that and will certainly do that for experimenting but unless
cygdrive and proc need not be there it doesn't allow a restoration from
a tar file which would be nice.

I will experiment with that.  My background is experimental physics -
the emphasis being on the "experimental".  I just hope I don't kill
myself in the process  :-).

> HTH,

It certainly does - thank you.


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