bash and CSRSS consuming 100% of CPU

Science Guy
Tue Jun 20 02:23:00 GMT 2006

I got cygwin working once again on my problem machine.  (Hooray!)

The problem was that the snapshot tar file, cygwin-inst-20060614.tar.bz2,
had cygwin1.dll in /usr/bin but failed to replace the old cygwin1.dll in
/bin.  I copied over the new cygwin1.dll into /bin, and things are working
nicely once again.

Many thanks for the helpful suggestions.

My antivirus and antispyware software programs are still running on the same
PC.  I did not touch them.  It will be a sad day when cygwin can no longer
run alongside these programs.  Our corporate guidelines require us to have
antivirus and antispyware software running on our corporate PCs; otherwise,
we are denied connectivity to the corporate network.

And anyway, shouldn't everyone run antivirus and antispyware programs on
their PCs, corporate or private?  I love cygwin and think it's a great
package, but disabling antivirus and/or antispyware software to enable
cygwin to run seems like too high a price to pay.  Am I missing something
here?  Anyway, I'm glad it's all running now.  Hope things continue that

-- Joe

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