loop through folders

mwoehlke mwoehlke@tibco.com
Mon Jun 19 23:15:00 GMT 2006

smanna wrote:
> Hello I am trying to write a script. This is the thing, I want to loop
> through all folders in a certain folder and send all files in these folders
> to a java program. The files are somewhere in the neighbourhood of 170.000.
> the setup is:
>                             Home
> cygwin.sh         program.java                                Folder
>                                                       folder                        
> folder  ...
>                                               folder   folder  ...           
> folder   folder  ...
>                                               files      files    ...            
> files      files    ...
> help would be completely fantastic!!

This is not a Cygwin question. However, 'find . | xargs <your program>' 
might help you. Or 'for f in find . ; do <yourprogram> $f ; done'.

'man find' and 'man bash' will get you started.

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