sed: 4.1.5 breaks libtool generation

Sun Jun 18 15:32:00 GMT 2006

Just sending the OPs reply so that it is in the mailing list archive.

Mark Hessling wrote:
>>Mark Hessling wrote:
>>>>Actually, what you describe is clear enough, but since CRLF handling
>>>>isn't done by the Linux version of sed either, you would have the same
>>>>problem on Linux.  The question here is how did this file get created
>>>>with CRLF in the first place?
>>>I have several cross-platform projects managed in a CVS repository.  Several of them are built with different Win32 compilers on the same Windows XP machine.
>>>So my direcory tree looks something like:
>>>  vc
>>>  bcc
>>>  cygwin
>>>Given the fact that cygwin runs on a machine where the native linend is CRLF, having a major component not recognise CRLF as a linend when handling text files is, AFAIAC, a major problem.
>>Given that you know all the files in this tree are CRLF terminated, is 
>>it appropriate to mount this directory in text mode?
>>Does the configure work if this is done?
> Yes it does. Thanks. I wasn't aware of mount features; I've just been using the default mounts; d: -> /cygdrive/d, etc. which are in binary mode.
> Cheers, Mark.

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