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Reini Urban
Thu Jun 15 10:32:00 GMT 2006

Rajendra S. Gad schrieb:
> Sir Igor,
> I am installing the DSpace application on the UBUNTU version 5.10 . Please
> inform me where I will have better instruction for installing and
> configuring DSpace on this plateform.

Slightly off-topic, but for the sake of interest:
I'm just crosscompiling libstdc++-3.3.5 with --host=cygwin for dSpace 
(not DSpace), a real-time i686-gnu-linux target, which runs on a special 
opteron hardware with custom IO boards, used by MATLAB - SimuLink as 
hardware platform. (octave not supported unfortunately, no simulink)
Mainly used in the automobile and aviation industry as real-time simulation.

So there are cases where you NEED cygwin for dSpace also. But never 
cygipc unless you are using a really old cygwin.

> Also let suggest me other linux plateform which will be user friendly for
> instyallinf DSpace( Specially which will have all the required supporting
> tools installed.

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