Question on cygwin's FTP server

Chetan M.J.
Tue Jun 13 17:56:00 GMT 2006

Dear friends,

I have installed the latest cygwin on a Win2K

1. The default FTP server that comes with cygwin- how
can I limit the maximum number of FTP sessions?
2. Is there any flow control mechanism available
dynnamically? Can I control the number of bytes
ftp'ed/second for different FTP sessions?
3. Is there a suspend/resume functionality available?
Let's say 2MB of a 10MB file was transferred before
loss of connection. Is there anyway that ftp
automatically resumes for the other 8MB.
4. Is there anyway I can programatically control the
ftp server for the above 3 desirable features?
5. Which process can I look up on the taskbar to check
whether the FTP service is running?

*Alternatively*, please direct me to relevant
documentation. I installed cygwin, went to different
pages on and searched for ftp, but could
not find any information.

This is my first post to this forum;therefore pls
pardon if the questions are stupid or mundane.


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