mirror problem

Burlen burlen@apollo.sr.unh.edu
Tue Jun 13 17:21:00 GMT 2006

Hi, I recently did a cygwin install, I was having all sorts of issues,x-term 
wasn't installed, nor ssh or svn, which supprised me since the last time 
installed these came by default. After much fiddling I realized that during 
the install process the mirror you chose is important! not all of the mirrors 
seem to have the same cygwin release, which is frustrating since there are so 
many of them in no particular order and no indication what one is getting. 
Good new though after the 4th or 5th try I finally found the right mirror. 
Just wanted to post to let the admins know there is a problem.


Burlen Loring
Space Science Center
Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space
University of New Hampshire
39 College Road, Durham, NH 03824
Phone: 603-862-1140

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