Could not touch file when specify full path in Cygwin in .bat file

Mon Jun 12 20:26:00 GMT 2006 wrote:
> Hi, Cygwin support group,
> I have problem to touch a file when specify the full path. Here are some examples. MKS works fine
> -- Filename with special characters
> D:\>touch D:\usr\meta\boxster\UNITw2kMixednew\boxster_UNITw2kMixednew_0205\Tree\!@#$%&()_+.!@#$%&()_+

And, given that I don't see a POSIX-style path anywhere, where exactly 
are you using Cygwin?

This works for me in Cygwin's bash:
/tmp$ touch '!@#$%&()_+.!@#$%&()_+'
/tmp$ ls
!@#$%&()_+.!@#$%&()_+  nu.2360  t83c.0

...Maybe you need to escape some characters or use single-quotes (')?

"Sorry. Wrong species." --ST-TNG

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