cygwin fork problem maybe?

Linda Walsh
Thu Jun 8 23:37:00 GMT 2006

Brian Dessent wrote:
> Linda W wrote:
>> Windows just doesn't support forking at all, as far as I know.
>> activeperl emulates forking using win32 threads. I don'tknow how cygwin
>> handles it, but my guess is that it's not very well :-(
> This smells like total FUD.  This person that admittedly does not use
> Cygwin nor obviously know anything about Cygwin says that it's a fork
> problem and that's that? 
    They don't have a windows machine to test with, but they
are trying to help pinpoint a problem that works under linux
and ActiveState, which seems like the most useful response
to date.  I can't give them a Windows machine or a cygwin
install to test with.  I can run the programs and report on
the results, and I can get a copy of the source to you that
fails.  Is there anything else I could do to be helpful?


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