UNIX Network Programming (unpve13e) make failing (AF_INET6 undeclared).

Williams, Gerald S (Jerry) gsw@agere.com
Thu Jun 8 16:18:00 GMT 2006

Huw wrote:
> The first issue was an omission of #defines.  IPv6 isn't a
> necessity for the UNP source, I believe.

I'd say the real issue is a failure to protect the use of
AF_INET6. You'll notice that it's protected by an #ifdef

> The next issue I have is:
> mcast_leave.c: In function `mcast_leave_source_group':
> mcast_leave.c:78: error: storage size of 'mreq' isn't known

I don't know anything about the ip_mreq_source structure,
but it looks to me like the current version may be having
general issues with support for various platforms and

Have you tried using the version at www.kohala.com (i.e.,
unpv12e)? That was the the last one that Richard Stevens
wrote. At least the "lib" directory seems to build OK for
me. Even if you really want the latest library, looking
at the older code may help you with the port.

I haven't looked into the new version of that book, but
the new authors certainly had big shoes to fill.


P.S. www.kohala.com seemed to have intermittent access
problems (at least for me), so be patient.

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