ssh with tunnel stacktrace on core duo

Jürgen Schmitz
Wed Jun 7 15:09:00 GMT 2006


I'm using cygwin SSH for a long time now on a centrino notebook. Now I
have to switch over to a new core duo notebook with 2 GB ram.

I use the same SSH setup (keys, config) to access the hosts and simple
shell sessions work fine.

But when I use SSH tunneling (ssh -L ....) and start some traffic on
this (eg. imap4 over ssh tunnel or smtp) SSH crashes with core dump
(stack trace).

This happens every time after a few seconds. A collegue on his core duo
notebook has the same problem.

I'm using the latest cygwin and also tried to compile openssh myself
(source package & cvs sources) - no changes.

Using an old ssh binary from my old cygwin installation on the old
notebook works some minutes without this problem but fails after around
20 minutes. Using the latest cygwin1.dll didn't help.

This makes it impossible to use ssh tunneling to receive my emails or
use vnc or make an rsync backup.

Any help is welcome,


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