Cygwin and Windows Vista Beta 2

Dave Korn
Wed Jun 7 10:36:00 GMT 2006

On 07 June 2006 07:50, Robin Walker wrote:

> --On 06 June 2006 20:11 -0400 Chuck McDevitt wrote:
>> Just an FYI:  Cygwin's fork() implementation has an intermittent bug
>> when running on Windows Vista Beta 2
>> The odd thing is that it sometimes works, and sometimes gives this
>> error.
> It isn't just under Vista - this is an issue I am seeing under XP: see my
> thread on sshd, with the same intermittent errors in fork().

  Just because it's the same symptom does not make it possible to infer that
there is the same underlying cause.  The *symptom* in both cases is that a
fork operation fails because cygwin cannot reserve the corresponding memory
areas in the child process to make its address space a duplicate of the
parent's.  The particular memory areas that fail to be allocatable in each
case, and the reasons why those memory areas cannot be allocated in each case,
are the actual underlying problem, and are likely to derive from different

  In the case of Vista B2, I'd want to try switching off the ASLR feature
first.  I can see how that could easily cause problems if you didn't rebaseall
every single time you reboot the machine...

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