sshd: fork of unprivileged child failed

Robin Walker
Sun Jun 4 22:18:00 GMT 2006

--On 04 June 2006 16:27 -0500 René Berber <> wrote:

> Robin Walker wrote:
>> I have a system with Cygwin sshd installed that refuses to accept
>> connections.  sshd is running and listening on port 22.
>> In the Windows Application Log there are, for each failed connection
>> attempt, entries of the form:
>> sshd: PID xxxx: fatal: fork of unprivileged child failed.
> What is you configuration in respect to privilege separation?

UsePrivilegeSeparation yes

> And a few more details could be useful, version of Windows,

XP Pro, fully up to date.

> any special ssh configuration?

I have not configured anything.  It used to work: now it doesn't.

> was sshd and users installed following the provided documentation?

To what provided documentation are you referring?

Robin Walker (Junior Bursar), Queens' College, Cambridge CB3 9ET, UK  Tel:+44 1223 335528

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