Compiling php 5

René Berber
Fri Jun 2 19:18:00 GMT 2006

Roland Swingler wrote:

> I was wondering if anyone has managed to get php 5 compiled under
> Cygwin? I am currently trying with 5.1.4. Trying to compile it as an
> apache2 module (with no other configure flags), both configure and
> make go fine, but when I do make install it complains about not
> finding

I have never tried building php, but ...

> So after googling for a bit I find these instructions -
> and try
> following them, but make now chokes when compiling ext/standard/dns.c
> I decide give up on the module and try making the cgi version,
> disabling all extensions. Doing make test, it still chokes on the dns
> bit.
> Does anyone have any suggestions about what to do about this? I'd also
> be interested in workarounds/hacks that any C programmers could
> suggest to me - (i.e. what I could do to disable the dns functions).
> I've also found elsewhere that dns is one of the "hotspots" in
> compiling things for cygwin, but I haven't found any resources
> detailing how to solve any of the problems, so if anyone knows where I
> could find out about that, it would be appreciated.

The DNS problem can be solved by building ISC's bind (just disable IPv6, it
compiles fine with it but Cygwin doesn't have support for that), then just point
your php build to those libraries (and headers)... they are static libraries so
there should be no problem.
René Berber

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