Trying to run VBScript from Cygwin

Andrew DeFaria
Fri Jun 2 18:40:00 GMT 2006

Dean Steve wrote:
> Hi,
> I've seen Paul Hughes' message "[Newbie] Trying to run MSWord from 
> Cygwin" dated 02 Mar 2006 and am having similar problems.
> I'm also opening a ssh connection from a Linux box to a Windows 
> machine to run a Windows process using CreateObject within VBScript. I 
> have been able to replicate the problem using Excel so I know it's not 
> my other program that is causing the problem. When I run the script, 
> the process starts in the Task Manager but the script fails to proceed 
> any further. I didn't get any error messages originally but when I 
> reinstalled cygrunsrv with the -i option I did get a similar message 
> to Paul complaining about the CreateObject option.
> As with Paul the script works fine when I run it locally when I am sat 
> at the machine but seems to hang when I am using ssh. I don't know of 
> any immediate workarounds and I can't change the software like the 
> suggested fix for Paul so do you have any other solutions?
You are aware when you ssh (or rsh/telnet, etc) into a Windows box using 
Cygwin that you are using pty's and that many Windows programs don't 
like pty's.

You might try re-writing that VBScript something more suitable for 
Cygwin like Perl or something like that.
> Many Thanks,
> Steve
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