[REPOST] rsync (Linux->Cygwin) does not transfer timestamp onto Win9x

Jacek Piskozub piskozub@iopan.gda.pl
Thu Jun 1 06:33:00 GMT 2006


When doing a "rsync -avzu" from a Linux box to Cygwin enabled Win9x
computer (and I mean of course running the Cygwin rsync), I get all the
transfered files timestamped with the present date and time, not the
original one. This is contrary to the behavior of the Linux rsync and of
the Cygwin rsync when sending files the other way (Win9x->Linux).

Cygwin is fully patched and the Linux distribution is Fedora Core 5 (but
I do not think it relevant, anyway).

[Reposting in order for the problem to be visible in June archive]


Jacek Piskozub

"Really, I'm not out to destroy Microsoft.
That will just be a completely unintentional side effect."
                      Linus Torvalds

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