rsyncd prevents computer to enter Standby mode on XP

Tue Dec 26 18:46:00 GMT 2006

H.S. wrote:
> Hello,
> I am running Cygwin on a machine running Windows XP Pro. I have noticed 
> that if rsync service is running, the laptop does not go into standby 
> mode. If I set the timeout for the machine to enter standby mode to 1 
> min, then all is fine. But anything larger than this does not work. 
> Seems like rsync is doing something (more than a minute apart), which 
> makes the machine believe that it is busy. sshd, however, runs without 
> this problem.
> How do I make rsync work so that it does not prevent the machine to go 
> into standby mode?
> Thanks,
> ->HS

Well, it looks like the above statement is not true. I looked more 
closely at what was happening and it appears that Symantec  Antivirus is 
the culprit. Its rtvscan.exe process is doing something every 3 or 4 
minutes which is preventing the laptop from going into standby mode if 
the standby timeout is set to any value greater than 2 minutes.

I confirmed this problem by installing the antivus on another XP 
computer (desktop) which was able to go into standby automatically 
before the antivirus was installed and wasn't able to do so after the 
antivirus's installation. After removing the antivirus, the standby mode 
  started working properly again in that desktop.

So, cygwin's rsync and sshd services are not to be blamed. They work fine.


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