Recent problem with Cygwin and Xemacs

René Berber
Wed Dec 20 01:04:00 GMT 2006

Paul Mallas wrote:

> A recent upgrade seems have broken xemacs on my Cygwin system.
> I was running xemacs version 21.4.19-1 with no problem.  Every version
> since that release (21.4.19-2, 21.4.19-3, and 21.4.20-2) tells me "X
> server not responding" when I try to start xemacs. I usually just
> reinstall 21.4.19-1 and things work fine again.  However, now I cannot
> go back to 21.4.19-1, at least not through the standard setup.exe since
> I can't reinstall a version several releases ago.
> So, I have decided to face the "X server not responding" error and I
> have come up empty handed thus far. Any ideas?

The problem is that you have the variable DISPLAY set, so Xemacs assumes X is

There are 2 solutions:

1) If you start Xemacs from a terminal, the just run `unset DISPLAY` before
starting xemacs, or find where the variable is set and avoid that.

2) Start Xemacs from a shortcut.  In the shortcut's properties use
"C:\cygwin\bin\run.exe xemacs" (adjust the path if necessary), you can also
change the icon with the one inside the xemacs executable (the one with the
version in the name).
René Berber

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