Recent problem with Cygwin and Xemacs

Paul Mallas
Tue Dec 19 22:51:00 GMT 2006

A recent upgrade seems have broken xemacs on my Cygwin system.

I was running xemacs version 21.4.19-1 with no problem.  Every version 
since that release (21.4.19-2, 21.4.19-3, and 21.4.20-2) tells me "X 
server not responding" when I try to start xemacs. I usually just 
reinstall 21.4.19-1 and things work fine again.  However, now I cannot 
go back to 21.4.19-1, at least not through the standard setup.exe since 
I can't reinstall a version several releases ago.

So, I have decided to face the "X server not responding" error and I 
have come up empty handed thus far. Any ideas?

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