cygstart getting The specified file was not found

Michael Schaap
Mon Dec 11 14:15:00 GMT 2006

ERIC HO wrote:
> Hi there, I've been using cygstart to start chm and pdf files with no problems until a few days ago. Now I'm getting The specified file was not found when using cygstart on a file. I updated  a few the cygwin packages  last week. Not sure whether this has something to do with it. I can provide a output of strace too if required. Thanks.

Hmm, that is weird indeed...
Can you still open the files in question by double-clicking them in
Windows Explorer?  If not, then it appears to be something wrong with
your Windows installation.
Does the problem occur with full paths? e.g., does this work?
     $ cygstart /full/path/to/myfile.pdf
Does this only affect certain extensions, or all file types?  For
instance, does this work?
     $ echo hello > hello.txt; cygstart hello.txt
How about URLs?  Does
     $ cygstart
still work?

The only thing in a 'strace' that might be helpful here, is the path
conversion.  Can you do something like:
     $ strace cygstart myfile.pdf | grep myfile.pdf
and check if the converted Windows filename (C:\blah\blah) is correct?

If the above doesn't help, we'll need more information.  Can you follow
the "Problem reports" link below, and attach cygcheck output?

  - Michael

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