errors trying to install cygwin on vista

Mike Knope
Sun Dec 10 02:22:00 GMT 2006

OK.  I've looked thru the archives and I've even tried installing as the 
"true" Administrator and all I get are errors either saying that sed.exe 
stopped working when I try to run setup on Vista, or I get 
install-info.exe stopped working if I try to reinstall after the sed 
fail.  I even tried putting the snapshots copy of cygwin1.dll into the 
bin dir and that does nothing.  I also sometimes see an error that says 
cygwin1.dll could not be found.  I'm confused.  In looking at the 
archives it appears as tho folks may have gotten cygwin to run on Vista 
but I sure can't.  I have the RTM copy from MS since I was a beta 
tester.  Please help.

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