Dave Korn
Fri Dec 8 17:59:00 GMT 2006

On 08 December 2006 17:36, Voss, Douglas C @ CSW-SLC wrote:

> I'm not sure how this works to put up a reply,

  People don't usually bother replying to 5-year old problem reports!

> but having the same problem,

  You probably don't have the same problem.  The OP's problem was having the
backslash escaping the space between {} and ; meaning that the whole sequence
was treated as one word "{} ;" rather than two words "{}" and ";".  Unless you
made the same mistake in your command line, your problem is a different one.

> I found a solution not included in the followups: 

  Essentially the same solution!
> Try it without the \ before the ;

  Actually, the cause of your problem is that you're running all the commands
from a DOS shell, not a bash shell, so the ; does not need to be escaped as it
is only a command terminator in bash, not cmd.exe; your solution *will* fail
in a bash shell.

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